GirlPower Posters

GirlPower Posters
$14.95 $29.95

This set of four classroom or bedroom posters, recommended for girls in grades 1 to 6, showcase GirlPower's core concepts that are fundamental to the GirlPower programming.

The posters are accompanied by short lesson plans for educators that deal with four core GirlPower concepts including:

  • The 4 Friendship Facts,
  • The Friend-O-Cycle,
  • The Friend-O-Meter,
  • Standing up for Yourself.

These posters can be displayed in a bedroom or classroom after attending a GirlPower workshop as a way to remind the girls of the important concepts they learned. Educators can make the GirlPower posters central to a lesson plan, sparking important conversations with students.

A set of 4 posters plus lesson plans are $29.95 + applicable taxes (plus shipping & handling),'re in luck! Back-to-School SALE: GirlPower posters are 50% off! Get the set of 4 for only $14.95 (plus shipping & handling).

Note: Each poster is 17" x 22" and printed on high quality gloss paper.

Pssst...Are you are a school or organization interested in placing a bulk order? We'd be happy to provide a discounted rate on orders over 10. Please email and we'll hook you up with a deal!